Tuv Rucluster


Press production

Cold pressing is one of the most popular technologies of production of metal bodies. Most of the steel elements of modern cars are made by cold pressing. This technology provides a low cost, high speed of manufacturing and stability of the production process. The main operations of cold pressing are separation (parting off, cutting, punching, etc.) and shaping (bending, stretching, flanging, etc.). In our production we use crank presses with the force of 63 to 160 ton/force. Complete equipment allows shaping operation using air cushion and cutting-defeating operations.

There are guillotine shears and cargo-lifting mechanism on the section for the production of billets of our press production that allows us to produce metal cutting, even from the rolls.


Tool production

Our tool production is focused on manufacturing and repair of tooling. Making dies is a series of complex operations with the use of various special steels. Therefore, for each part of the die, 3D model is designed first and the process is planned, and only then it goes into production. To ensure the high quality of the equipment we use high-tech CNC machines by leading world manufacturers in our work (milling machining center Schaublin 100, electro-sparking wire cutout machine AGIE CUT 300, electro-sparking stitching tracer-controlled machine ActSpark SP-3).